Winners of the 2016 LBI Film Festival Awards to be Revealed at Sept. 3 Gala

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Buy your tickets now for the LBI Definition of Independence Awards Gala, set for Saturday, September 3, at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel. See full list of LBI Award nominees right here.

The nominees for this year’s Long Beach Indie International Film Festival Awards were revealed today. Winners will be announced during the 2016 Long Beach Indie Definition of Independence Awards Gala on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel.  

Tickets are $100 for individuals and $800 for 10-person tables. Opening reception begins at 6:00pmPurchase tickets at 

Best Narrative Feature-Drama

  • Civil Warriors (Che Broadnax & Deborah Hoard)
  • Trafficked (Sean Hodgkinson)
  • Prayer Never Fails (Wes Miller)
  • Beatbox (Andrew Dresher)
  • Road to the Well (Jonathan Cvack)
  • Love Isn’t Enough (Saquan Jones)
  • 417 Miles (Mainak Dhar) 

Best Narrative Feature-Comedy/Dramatic Comedy

  • From Here or To Go (Rucha Humnabadkar)
  • How We Met (Oscar Rene Lozoya II)
  • Jerico (Seckeita Lewis)
  • In a Year (Nicole Pott)
  • Digital Lives Matter (Terri J. Vaughn)

Best Documentary Feature

  • Uncle Gloria (Robyn Symon)
  • South Bureau Homicide (Mike Cooley & Mark Earl Burman)
  • In Your Corner (Fred Hawtorne)
  • The Wounds We Cannot See (Alexander Freeman)
  • Beyond the Block (Ricardo Carranza)
  • VerseAtility III (Individual Eleven)
  • A Brilliant Genocide (Ebony Taylor)
  • LGBT United (Luciana Lagana)
  • You See Me (Linda J. Brown)
  • The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen (Jennifer Abod)
  • Nathan East: For the Record (Chris Gero)
  • Geordie Jazz (Abi Lewis)

Best Narrative Short

  • Out of the Village (Jonathan Stein)
  • Atomic Couple (Rodrigo Espinosa)
  • Jerico Jones (Cole Brewer)
  • Roubado (Erica A. Watson)
  • Strain (Reynier Molenaar)
  • Hungry (Jillie Simon)
  • The Baby Lu ‘au (Jana Park Moore)
  • Hagereseb (Zia Mohajerjasbi)
  • Piece of Cake (Ella Lentini)
  • Where We Begin (Mitsuyo Miyazak)
  • Words (Spencer Ford)
  • To the Grave (Esther Hegarty)

Best Documentary Short

  • Joshua Tree Threatened (Bill Wisneski)
  • Sin Raiz (Carlos Mendez)
  • Aviatrix the Katherine Sui Fun Cheung Story (Ed Moy)
  • Ryan’s Story (Jaz Gray)
  • Limbo (Olivia Bickel & Cynthia Horvilleur)
  • Remixing Colorblind (Sheena Howard)
  • Death and Life (Gregory Alosio)
  • Sharing the Shores with Dana Wharf Whale Watching (Michelle Addington)
  • Today I Acknowledge (Jessica Hahner)
  • Maya (Veemsen Lama) 

Best Animated Short

  • Claire & The Keys (John Ludwick)
  • Portrait of a Wind-Up Maker (Dario Perez Moreno)
  • Moom (Robert Kondo & Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi)
  • JIBi (Gregory Chen)
  • The Trophy Man (Nick Nason)
  • Save the Bees (Marta Topolska)
  • Alike (Rafa Cano Mendez & Daniel Martinez Lara)
  • Maisa, The Chamoru Girl Who Save Guahan (Michael Q. Ceballos)
  • Revoltoso (Arturo “Vonno” Ambriz & Roy Ambriz)
  • On Schedule (Elena Manetta)

Student Film

  • The Letter (Yifan Xiao)
  • Sweet Hollow (Sean Lee)
  • Under the Same Sky (Yoyo Li)
  • Big City Fever (Karoline Vielemeyer)
  • Tabula Rasa (Sandor Csoma)
  • Treintanera (Diego Londono)
  • Tag (Sebastien Nuta)
  • Paint Your Life Away (Brandon Gong)
  • Shadow in the Shade (Kyle Bowles)
  • Monday’s Child (Arden Teresa Lewis) 

Web Series

  • Arthur (Nick Rusconi)
  • Send Me (Phil Kaufmann & Phyllis Toben Bancroft)
  • Timeout (Gary Allen)
  • A Shared House (Joshua Lundberg)
  • Little Things (Mila Shah)
  • Jenny & Jeff (Morgan Traa) 

TV Pilot

  • The Bellman (Cameron Fife)
  • Nature Napped (Luke Tooker)
  • Taipei As We Know It (Esther Veronin)
  • Queen of the Road (Laura P. Valtorta)

Music Video

  • The World Ender (Ariel Vida)
  • Beatin (Quentin Perez)
  • War & Peace (Sylvia Basleh)
  • Gone Love-Logiq
  • Oh Yes My Baby (Charles Box)
  • Empty Box of Wine (Michael C. Perry)
  • As the Tide Goes By (Sophia Dagher)
  • Epic Fail-Dr. Gypsy featuring Carl Restivo 

Youth Filmmaker

  • Jackie Krisher: No Limits (Claire Imler)
  • Of Gods and Bells (Alexia Salingaros)
  • Producing Hope (Morgan Shirk)
  • Changing Cars (Jack Campise)
  • Milky White (Jordan Barger)
  • Crazy Beans (Samuel Decker)
  • Balancing Act (Alexander Bergman)
  • Hot and Cold (Marta Prus)
  • Miles Away (Lily Lizotte)

Additionally, the 2016 Long Beach Indie New Voices Award will be bestowed upon an emerging young producer, director, or writer who shows promise for a sustained career in film and television. Among this year’s New Voices nominees are: 

  • Ra’Keena Joseph
  • Joshua Hoh
  • Oscar Rene Lozoya
  • Ariel Vida
  • Esteban Arguello
  • Ebony Taylor
  • Cole Brewer
  • Tayo Odesanya

A special Award of Merit for positive and balanced depictions of African American Men, presented along with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA), will go to one of these nominees:  

  • Dreams My Master
  • But Not for Me
  • Beatbox
  • Drop It
  • Civil Warriors
  • Love Isn’t Enough
  • Hagereseb
  • In Your Corner
  • Nat
  • Shadow in the Shade
  • Me, Myself and Dennis Rodman

The California Endowment (TCE) will also present the special Sons and Brothers Award for positive and balanced depictions of young men of color. Among the Sons and Brothers award nominees are:

  • But Not for Me
  • Beatbox
  • Beyond the Block
  • Jiàoliàn
  • Civil Warriors
  • Hagereseb
  • Sin Raiz
  • Tag
  • In Your Corner
  • LGBT United
  • The Conversations…The Journey to Path to Origin

Finalists for the prestigious Santa Fe University of Art and Design/Long Beach Indie Diversity Scholarship will also be announced in coming days, and acknowledged at the gala.

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