How Trafficked Director Saw a Spark in Bad Audition

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Like some actors just have That Special Something, some directors like Trafficked's Sean Hodgkinson just have That Eye for Talent.

Film director Sean Hodgkinson, known for the Story About Wendy series, took a dark turn into the world of drug trafficking in the Carribbean with Trafficked.

The opportunity to tell this story presented a perfect chance for Hodgkinson to stretch beyond the fare his fans had come to expect: “I never want to be pigeon-holed into one genre of film.”

Creating a world that The Guardian‘s Ian Royer aptly describes as “compelling and visually beautiful,” Hodgkinson and crew aptly frame their cast members’ chemistry-driven performances.

A cautionary tale to aspiring actors: Hodgkinson had auditioned one of Trafficked‘s breakthrough performers in the past—Kia Rollock, who stars as Nadia—and to say she didn’t get booked is an understatement:  “Kia auditioned for a role in Wendy 2 and she was terrible at the audition.” But he saw something special in her, and kept her in mind for Trinidad and Tobago-filmed Trafficked.

“She had a spark that I wanted to explore,” the director shared, “so I wrote ‘Nadia’ for Kia, and Kia became ‘Nadia.’” Rollock truly sells her role as “the conscience of the group who binds them together” and commands your attention whenever she hits the screen, says The Guardian. Rollock, Aaron Charles, Gyerlini Clarke, and Brett Bengochea (who portrays intense, alluring bad guy ‘Alejandro’) each bring valuable mix elements to their characters that contribute heartily to this ride.

Trafficked is an Official Selection of the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival.

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